Handloomed rugs from Romanian rug makers.

Experience the unique charm of the Romanian countryside through the art of hand loomed rugs. For generations, rug making in Romania has been both an art and a way of life.The work on a rug entails selection and preparation of the wool, gathering natural materials for the dyes and weaving. Traditionally rugs were made for family members and passed down from generation to generation.Long ago these rugs were layered on both floors and walls for warmth. Fortunately for us today, we have the opportunity to admire, use and enjoy these beautiful rugs in our homes.

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Uniquely Beautiful


Enjoy the natural beauty of a hand woven Romanian rug or a kilim as it is sometimes called. Feel the texture that comes from the wool of sheep that graze freely on hills and mountains. Note the natural colors of the wool itself…the browns, beiges and creams. (There are no black sheep in Romania.)

Individual rug makers take great pride and care in each and every step of the process beginning with the selection and preparation of the wool and ending in the weaving itself.

Selecting the right kind of fibers ensures that rugs have a firm texture.

In addition when you turn the rug over you will notice that it is reversible. The special weaving technique used by Romanian rug makers creates a finished look on both sides.

Through The Seasons


The seasons dictate when materials are processed. Rug making mirrors the changes in nature…sheep are shorn for their wool at the appropriate time, vegetables must reach full maturity before they yield the fullest colors for dyeing and rug makers find their right time for weaving apart from their everyday chores of tending their fields and raising animals.

The creation of the Romanian hand loomed rug is a complex process that can never be hurried.